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Candidate - Frequently Asked Questions

How much clinical experience do I need to work with Pure Healthcare Group?

We require all of our locums and permanent applicants to have relevant industry experience.

  • - For Nursing we require 12 months post-grad UK experience.

  • - For HSS we require 6-12 months post-grad UK experience.

                • - For AHP we require post-grad UK experience.

What are the terms of registering with Pure Healthcare Group?

All Terms & Conditions are within our candidate handbook which can be found at the following address via our website:

For any other queries, please contact direct on 020 3633 9753.

Do I need to register before I can be offered work from Pure Healthcare Group?

Dependent on your profession within healthcare, nursing staff require that you are fully registered and compliant before we can offer you shifts.

For AHP/HSS clinicians (including Biomedical Scientists), we are able to begin our consulting process whilst you complete your registration. You must be fully compliant before you step on-site for your assignment.

Where do Pure Healthcare Group supply healthcare professionals geographically?

We are a UK National & Northern Ireland & Republic Ireland supplier

Do you supply to NHS or Private Hospitals?

BOTH - We have no red-tape and supply to ALL NHS & private healthcare organisations.

  • What do I do if I need to cancel a shift booking?
  • Whilst we ask for your full commitment and professional obligation towards each booking that you take with Pure, we understand and appreciate that sometimes there are circumstances that are out of your control. Should you need to cancel a booking, we request that you phone your consultant directly or call the main office line in the first instance and ALWAYS follow up with an email advising you need to cancel a shift and the reason why.

  • What happens if an NHS/Private Hospital cancels my shift booking(s)?
  • Should a client cancel your booking, we will always endeavor to call you as soon as possible to explain the reasons why. Should your shift be cancelled within 24 hours of your start time. We will work to ensure you are covered with a minimum of 2 hours pay.

    Pure Healthcare Group has a policy of not working with hospital clients that regularly cancel locum staff and each cancellation we receive will be investigated in depth to support and protect our locums.

  • What is your timesheet & payment process?
  • We run a weekly payroll for all 'Pure' workers and you will be paid a week in arrears. Make sure you send your timesheet to:

    All timesheets must be sent by Tuesday 5pm and ensure you CC in your consultant. You can find a blank PDF version of our timesheet on our website under the “Useful Documents” tab.

  • Can I be paid via my Limited Company for agency work?
  • Here at Pure Healthcare Group, we facilitate the use of both Limited Company (PSC’s) and Umbrella Payroll Services. Due to current IR35 legislation, any shifts/assignments carried out via the NHS/public sector must be paid via Direct Engagement or Non- Direct engagement. Most Private clients allow you to use your Limited Company still.

How do I refer a friend?

Simply visit our website via the “Candidates” > “Refer a Friend” tab and complete the form. You can also contact your designated consultant directly and give us your referral. For any candidate referral that is successfully placed and has completed 100 hours of paid agency work via Pure Healthcare Group, you will receive a referral bonus of £250 paid directly into your account.  

Candidate Compliance - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the registration process work?

We have introduced a new eco-friendly cyber automated registration process. This allows the whole registration process to be completed online making it much quicker and easier for you! Any forms that need to be hand-signed can now be electronically signed through our compliance portal.

Why do I need to be compliant before I can start work?

Candidates must be compliant before starting work as we need to ensure that you meet the requirements set by the frameworks, NHS or any clients to whom we supply locums to. At registration you will be provided with a list of documentation needed for your role. Your dedicated consultant and compliance officer will be there to support and help you along the way.

All my bank statements and bills are online now, what else can I use as proof of address?

We cannot accept any online statements as proof of address. We require all proofs of addresses to be physical 'hard' copies.

We can accept:

- Bank statement

- Credit card statement

- Gas bill

-Electricity bill

- Energy bill

- Mortgage statement

- Council tax

- Firearms licence

- HMRC Letter

Why do I need to provide proof of immunisations?

Depending on your job role and their occupational health requirements, you will be asked to provide your immunisation history or proof of immunity in line with the department of health guidelines.

I have a DBS certificate but it is not on the update service, can you still accept it?

If your DBS certificate has been processed by another agency or company and is not registered to the update service, we are not able to accept this. You would need a new, valid DBS. This is because the certificate is valid only with that company or agency for a year.

I don’t know where my DBS certificate is. Can you just accept the confirmation it is registered to the update service?

We cannot accept registration to the update service as evidence. We will always require to see the physical DBS certificate. If you do not have this you will need to have a new one put into process.

Why would I need an overseas police check?

You will need a overseas police check if you have lived outside the UK for more than 6 months within the last 5 years. If you do not already have an overseas police check, your compliance officer will be able to help/advise you on how you can obtain one.

Why do I need to update documents yearly?

Compliance needs to be renewed yearly to ensure the correct information and documentation is up to date inline with the NHS framework standards

- Registration forms (you will receive a form to confirm if the details you provided at registration remain the same or if there have been any changes)

- Criminal Record Check (DBS/CRB)

- Mandatory & Statutory Training

-Fitness to Work (to renew your FTW you will be required to complete an annual review form to confirm or let us know if there has been any change to your health)

- Proofs of Address

- Employment Checks & CV

If you have any further questions please contact us on:

020 3633 9753